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The BEST Post-workout Green Smoothie with Collagen


This Post-Workout green smoothie recipe is full of simple ingredients to refuel your energy and electrolytes.

Check out the terrific benefits of the ingredients we chose:

Our Collagen Peptides supports Bone and joint health. Perfect protein to consume before and after exercise, helping to maintain and restore the protein content of muscle

Did you know ginger helps relieve muscle soreness? Well it does and it is also good for your stomach just in case you ever feel nauseous after a workout.

Coconut water is a awesome natural source of electrolytes so, stay away from added sugars in sports drinks.

Pineapple is full of antioxidants that help you recover from workouts quicker, and it includes and enzyme that helps heal inflammation caused by injuries.

We all know how good Spinach is for you, so we won’t even go there.


Nutrition Facts 
total servings: 2 cups
serving size: 1 cup
calories per serving: 137
24 C | 2 F | 10 P



Kelly Krapf